The resistance

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(Eng) The resistance

There is no rule and order in context and title. They are just a piece of my daily feelings, experience, and learning progress. Today I have just decided to write about resistance. Because yesterday I couldn't start to write. I wanted but there was no idea and motivation. Creating a habit is always hard because we are not able to see the future and end of our path. We may feel satisfied but also we can regret it after spending some years. When we force ourselves to do what we don't want we treat ourselves like a maid. At this point there should be a border, we shouldn't tyrannize ourselves and should find a way and create a tactic to keep us on our way but also train us by having tough times. We need to evoke ourselves in a way and see what we are doing. Otherwise, it might be too late for decisions and change. There is no exact truth but searching and having a meaning and goal will be helpful for the future. To develop our credibility we should look to people who have a better life and read about their lives so we can decide more wisely.


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