The middle man

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(Eng) Middle men and old man

There was a man with a pencil in the middle. Middle of what? Who knows? He always felt like this without any idea for reason. He was brought up in a conservative family that potentially was in the heart of his life. But he doesn't want to remember those days anymore. He knows how he felt after expelling from school and being like on the ledge of family. His father was like a sheer wall for every discussion and preventing him to shape his own way. Maybe that was because of buzzing news about war and the bad economy, but there should have been more. He has never known that. Because, after staying in the zone and hard working he got the foot in the door of university and left them behind. He hasn't looked back after this moment and flashed around the country with his exam scores. Everyone was stunned because it was impossible to work flawlessly in that conditions. It was merely a small possibility to rally after this long period of indolence life. But they had forgotten how greasy he is for his decisions and after deciding to his way how hard to change his mind. Now he was at the summit of Mont Blanc and has just signed the summit book. He was standing on his planted steps with an old feeling like being in the middle of a low surrounding. (by listening blues)

There was a man with a pencil in the middle of foreigners. They had come from far but he was from the city. Unlike others, he felt fatigued in the middle of the way but he rallied by staying in the zone and pushing towards his limits. In the end, these bad feelings turned into being stunned due to the accomplishment of this goal. Because it was a merely impossible dream for someone at that age. After he explained his decision, all family members warned him about how this event potentially can kill him. They said that he was in the heart of the family and he shouldn't do that. However, it was not true and he has felt like he is on the ledge of the family until this moment. Now he was standing over planted steps in the summit. This was the point he got his foot in the door of climbing and became the oldest person who climbed to Mont Blanc. The news was buzzing this journey and it flashed around the world. (by listening blues)

The old man was fainted due to lack of sleep and fatigue. Because he had already been sick. Writing and staying in the zone for several hours was potentially dangerous. The doctor and all family members warned him but after getting his foot in the door of writing he became more undeterred and it was impossible to dissuade him. He was a famous writer and had flashed around the world once upon a time. So, even getting stuck in some points he rallied to finish this book before the party. The book was supposed to be a birthday gift the next day. There was merely a small time before the party and the book was finally completed. Everything was working flawlessly according to his plan. The girl would be stunned when she saw the book had written for her. The old man closed the book and named it by using one of the greasy tags. He wasn't aware of the broken door ledge and also that the name will have been buzzing in the news the next day. Because it was the last book of a great writer who was at the summit of his career. During his long and successful journey, he hasn't looked back but it was time to rest last time. By this book, an old saying is brought up again. There is no reward without taking risks.

(by listening rock)