Stoic-7 See addictions

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(Eng) Stoic-7 See addictions

We spend lots of time every day. Most of it is used for very small not recognised things. We all have lots of addictions. They repeat always and get a big partition from our life. Usually when we discover them it is too late. Because they are hindered in daily life. To recognise them we need to stop, think, and search them. If you find yourself doing something please thing about it one more time. Is this thing for your goal and plan? Why you are in that accupation or addiction. Like finding yourself watching youtube, or eating nails or snacking or blablabla. It can be any kind of it and it take great time and effort from our life and goals. Discovery of addictions will open our eyes. In next time you may stop yourself before jumping to that addictions. Remove them, create space for yourself, and put proper action and habits as replacement. Otherwise they will come back if you keep your time empty. Fill your time with proper steps. You have goal, don't forget. Don't waste life.