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(Eng) Contradiction

It is stange. Last time i have posted was two days aga i think. But it seems like it was 3 days ago. What is going on? I missed one day to count. How? Because i was in trouble with my eyes again. The computer touchpad is another problem. It is becoming like torture?

The last page was on allowing people to reach us. How can you reach your goals with struggling poeples problems, sick ideas and issues. How can you move forward with listening their narrow, negative vision? It is impossible to move with this kind of people. We are stuck. No solution, no progress.

What can you do with a brain full of negative, stupid ideas? What can you do with watching tv all day, scrolling stories one hour? What kind of input do you need to progress. The flow in your brain should be in same page as your dream. They have to match. They have to help each other and shape for better days.