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(Eng) Unquestioned

we, poeople are full of unquestioned behaviours and impulses. I have to question every think to decide for my days. Only then i will stand out, only then i will stop seeking impossible, the shortsighted and the unnecessary. What a good touch has this words! They are in chase of impossible because they didn't question. They didn't create dicipline. They didn't see forehead. They didn't try to see what is out, what is lost, what is gone, what is coming. I also don't see the future, it is complex. But i have keep questioning, there is no other way to get out of mass. Mass like a dog chasing a car. Where are the questions?

And outlook, the mind full thought. Feeding itself, evolving every day. Like all systems, feedback shapes the system and response. How we shape our brains? By feeding. Feeding with negative ideas, negative feelings will cause a negative vision and create more negative feed. This is depression, this is how people stick with their trauma and problems. They become stuck there. Feed your brain with colorful, with open thoughts. Not desperate, dark ideas; with hope and light.