The plan

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(Eng) The cost

In the morning i had no plan for the day. You may know that feeling, it is stressing, creating anxious mind and disturbs feelings. You don't get into anything. Keeps you out. So i just grabbed my book and has written some words. I wrote i have apple, i have sandwich, i need to do toothbrush, i have bananas, i have cheese. Then decided getting tootbrush done and eating sandwich as breakfast. Kept the other part for dinner time. In which i would be working.

Now i feel much better, brain has been cleaned by this plan and route. It is always useful. I don't know how other people does but without a plan i can not leave home. I need a goal, even it is getting coffee i need to know what i am going to do. I know i have to leave home and i know i have to have a plan to do it. For everyday i need a plan to work, to live. Having plan is the best way of living day. Without even a small plan, days are just stressful to figure out what to do. We need reasons.