The cost

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(Eng) The cost

Sinop, a place with it's happy people. Seems like future we wish. In past there was a famoues philosopher living there, Diogenes. Who reminds us the value, and the cost. The real one. He says big portion of things going to be overvalued and undervalued. People are not good in giving value. From his saying in thousands years ago to today, nothing has changed. We buy things, lots of things. We want to possess. We se poeple paying the value and we pay. But we are not good in this field. We always fail. You know what, if you don't need something whatever you paid for it is expensive. Most of the things around have been thrown to us to buy, they are here not because we need. We buy them with ridicilous mind and judgement which poisoned by others, all other shit people. Stop. If they buy this is their problem, leave it. Value is not there, don't give value. It is just cost, not value. Don't mix.