Will of wrong

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(Eng) Will of wrong

Sokrates says, nobody does wrong willingly. It is not for all cases but covers huge part of life. He have seen the point. He knows people are doing their own right. Yes most of them following their own right and truth. But the problem is that everybody has a different background and logic. They end up in different assumstions. Most of them are different. So, when we see someone doing stupid, someone giving harm to us or other one, we think they are wrong. But they don't.

It is a good attitude seeing people like this. All are following their own facts, who knows what kind of inputs and issues they have. So, the things you see like mistakes, annoying you can not annoy you that much with this approach. It is their own internal process and facts. Not about you, most of time you can not touch their system. So, don't exagurate, don't take it personal. It is not to you, it is not for you, it is not about you.