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(Eng) Cato

In the morning, i was thinking about what kind of person am i. Why do i force myself to finish reading, writing, coding before opening browser and watching something. I know the reason, it is my core belief for labor. I have to deserve it, not just obtain. I know, free, cheap pleasure is our biggest enemy.

Now i see someone in the book. His name is Cato, a Roman politician best known for his self-discipline and for his heroic defense of the Republic against Julius Caesar. He has no book, no letter, no lecture. But still here in book with his character. Seneca says we each have to have our own Cato, a great noble person we can allow into our minds and guide our actions. Adam Smith calls it indifferent spectator. Like i call it 'future me'. Which a person cares me, knows more than me, experienced more than me and watchs me with me.