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(Eng) Friends

You know i have a friend. She did my first and most important two tattooes for me. One is core on my neck, it is me. A man in action seems like running, cycling, riding, flying. Looking up and aiming high. As i like to do.

My other tattoo is One Piece nakama on my right hand. The most important thing shapes me, gives the power and hope. My friends, they are the most important thing i have. Like friends setting a journey in One Piece, all connected forever, trying to find the One Piece. Which i think they already found.

There is a saying almost in all languages and cultures. It is like that, tell me with whom you consort and i will tell you who you are. I didn't know this saying belongs to Goethe. But he has more. Says, If i know how you spend your time then i know what might become of you.

Let it be done, by you and by your source of power and hope. Which i missed a lot.