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(Eng) See the game

I see the game. As Seneca says, no slavery is more disgraceful than one which is self-imposed. We are all in a trap. Think about power. Since then they have power? Since social media? Since television? Since cinema? Since songs? Since newspaper? Since books? Since sunday or friday prays?

Do you see the game? Where do all these desires come from? Why do you have desires, wishes, dreams, surges? What is a person in birth?

What is your future? How many steps of slavery will you climb or fall? Can you stop the rolling stone? Can you stay out? Is it going to smash everybody?

You know what they say, money brings money and power brings power. Can you imagine how they have grapped the power. Someone in young age defined a true path and pushed hard. They it has escalated through generations. Not like our story. We didn't have someone knows the power, have access to it. What about being one?