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(Eng) Indifferent

Regain your composure, it is waiting for you. It is you waiting there. You know yourself, all contaminants. You know who you are, and not is not part of you. Especially distractions, they are not part of you, may affect your composure but just in the case you allow. Do not forget your composure, yourself. All other things are indifferent, they are distractions.

Don't ask for everything. Curb your desire, set your heart to a few things then you will get what you need. If someone says you can have it all, leave it. It is modern time mantra and totally wrong. Work, family, success, leisure, and blabla. Know what you want, truely want, truely need. Know it, instead of chasing desires. Ask yourself, forever, ask yourself. Define the things we are going to work on. You may do mistake, but you do for yourself. With your knowledge, it is yours. Ask, find, work on, update.