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(Eng) React none

Reaction is source of all good and bad feeling, judgements, decisions. But the problem we react everything, we label everything. What if i don't label bad things immediately. I can have some time to thing, not just react and reach a result. Can leave it as it is, it will be waiting there until i label it. So why do you react everthing and cause lots of trouble? Leave it, don't forget life is life. You don't need to react everything.

Fighting back immediately is part of reacting. Most of it will come back to us as regret. Breaking heart is so easy in this way. But there is no repairment. You will have just regret. The reason is just reacting. You don't need to do that. You can write down any kind of feeling and throw away the paper. This will heal your anger, sadness, depression and all other kind of bad feelings. You will be more calm, under control, moving without fast reaction, without breaking anything, without regret.