Desire of none

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(Eng) Desire of none

That was something i have learned after university and tried to apply. I was going to leave all desires, basic pleasures. I did well for a long time. Now i see same old saying from Diogenes, "It is the privilage of the gods to want nothing, and of godlike men to want little."

Now i see, we need to have some of them. Some useful desires to place us in a point we want in life. If you kill all desires for what are you living? Leaving all desires is kind of rejecting yourself. And i also learned lately, "The biggest harm you can give someone is leaving he/she alone". Leaving them alone with their issues, struggles. Leaving them get eaten by desparation. Don't do that anyone you love, don't leave alone with desparate situations and feelings. This will create a swamp. And this kind of solitude will create a deepless one, you struggle alone, going worse and worse. Losing all hope day by day.

Most of people are not aware what's going on. They will fail. But you know, don't leave yourself to fall into this situation. Desire, hope, work and all other motiovations will carry you. If you don't leave them you will not fall into swamp easily.