Leave it

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(Eng) Leave it

I don't know how but people dislike their colleagues and putting that as an obstacle in their job. But you can not work like this. This is not the way. Why don't you just be objective for job and judge things accordingly. Who said we need love to finish the job. Leave your all stupid ideas while handling a case. They should not block the path. Get rid of emotions which block the path, job is clear. Job is completed the tasks properly. Take care of it and go on without ugly feelings. They will never help. They will never improve performance. They will never solve any issue. They just block the brain, energy, work, life. All of them, all together. What about conditional happiness? It is all we poeple have. Graduation, job, promotion, money, blabla. Yeah, where is horizon, can you ever reach there? You will never reach, because you will always have yearning for something, which will set your journey to horizon. A point you can never reach. Forget the reaching, you can never get closer. You can never get closer to happiness which is in horizon by set this mindset.