Stop is nice

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(Eng) Stop is nice

Most of the time we ask for pleasure as regular people. But i think there is another pleasure in rehecting the pleasure. It is not pain. It is pleasure of stoping chase, not following folks, popular and fency things. Even stopping during walk, listening a bird, walking slow, smelling a flower all are pleasure. There is a great pleasure for rejecting their pleasures. Which will become regret for most.

Make sure that your mind is on charge. Do not find yourself in following stupid content, sensations and hormones. Stay away from people rashing like rats. Jumping from one thing to another, without any break to think.

And many of things upseting us are coming from imegination not reality. People are in depression and stuck with bad imagination or reasoning. Don't join them. The ideas and sadness will not be a solution. Solution is moving and doing something. Result will never be worse like imagined. Even you fail it will not be worse like imagined.

Wake up right now instead of creating a nightmare. Do not allow the brain to continue creating bad imaginations, estimations, dreams. They are all imaginary and life it self will never be like that. Brain goes extreme levels, do not follow. Wake up, do something.