Life change

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(Eng) Life change

My eyes were hurting again. When i push body limits it alwyas hits my eyes. I has droven 400 miles the night before, slept with burning eye, couldn't rest and woke up at 7 AM, went to gym for a full body workout with a fast run. Then went to see city side by walk because car was problem with parking issues and my eyes were hurting. So my eyes are getting damage, vision is getting worse. Right eye is totally red now. I need some rest but haven't get any since November. Now summer is coming with all heat and eye problems. Is this the life i want? No,so i am here to write a little and code a little to heal myself and break this flow. I am not into this kind of life. I don't want to waste my time and body with it. There is no time to be sad, or something else. It will not solve any problem. A change is must, a big change. I had some dreams full of disscussions about life. But i was in pain couldn't write down them. After waking up from this dreams i decided to spent more time with people i care, with people i owe a life. When you live them their own in a bad situaion they become worse. Feel more useless, more weak, more lonely. My people are in trouble, getting worse. I know, this is the reason i am here. I need to open a door for a future. There was no way. Forgive me for all sacrifices.