Hate and Anger

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(Eng) Hate and Anger

Marcus was a true wise man. He says imagine the bad thing you don't know. The things will make you sad, angry but you don't know. You know you have a right to not have an opinion. You may stay empty, like not knowing. You will not have opinion, feeling over it. You will not place it. It will just pass. Seems a nice method. Choise of not having a idea, an feeling. Leave it there. He says there is nothing like anger and hate which destroyed all around until they are only things remaning. Like a fuel, burns all other feelings, ideas and machine itself until it is the last one remaining and still burning. All anger, all hate we have leaves some burden in our machine, it will create huge mass in our system. Like my eyes. It is burden from old days. There was no mentor to stop me. The feelings were grasping me and eating a piece each time. Most ruins in the world has stories full of anger and hate. Maybe all.