Stoic-4 Know the path

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(Eng) Stoic-4 Know the path

This section has reference from two great book, one is 48 Rules of Power, other one is 7 Habits of successful people. With this book, these three great books say the same thing: Set the end = Set the goal. I refer it as 'know the path'. All have same core idea and saying that we need to know our destination. By this knowledge we can see the path and also we can see what is going to help in this path and what is not going to help. Otherwise we will be like a ship without route. We never reach the right destination. The place we go will be random one and defined by others. If you don't know your path, goal, end, destination whatever it is, you have no chance to reach there. Directionless is terrible for this life. We have to have and make it clear. Everything will be aligned if you know where are you heading and you make decisions accordingly.