Stoic-35 Invincible Tone

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(Eng) Stoic-35 Invincible Tone

This is something i like a lot. My manager was a great example for it. He never gets angry. Always tries to understand and makes some jokes to make calm other person. But more importantly by laughing for a big crisis he helps himself most, then helps team. By seeing him laughing in a crisis we get more calm and think more clearly. And we always find something as solution, if there is not solution we accept the failure. He was the best manager i have ever seen. I missed him. He was already there, the point i want to be. In a level can handle any kind of people, with a wonderful touch and effect. A different kind of soul. I am lucky i always had a manager-leader i inspire. This is the way, i learn, adapt and develop. Not famly, friends we share some journey are our guide, our windows to world.