Stoic-34 Anxious mind

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(Eng) Stoic-34 Anxious mind

It is really a topic which deserves a lot of reserch i think. Being anxious is part of life and going to dominate all of it. It seems like we spent our significant time by being anxious. It takes a huge part but what it is, why it is? We don't ask this. We are anxious because we are weak, not prepared, not ready so not confident. I am anxious for the future, for the regrets i will have. Because i didn't estimate them clearly, i don't know what is on the road. I try to read, learn about others lives. To see matches between. But there are a lot of topics in life we get anxious. Like sports, like love, like job, like dans.

The biggest reason we get anxious is lose of control. I think the more control freak a person get more anxious for unknown cases. I know i am kind of control freak, and most of the stress i have is because of it. There is a reminder in this section, he says: If we are anxious we need to understand that we are anxious about something outside, out of control, not in, not within. Getting worry about something out of control is not a stoic approach. We need stay awake and pay attention to us. To the things we can do, not the one we can not control. Let it to go.