Stoic-31 Stop and heal

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(Eng) Stoic-31 Stop and heal

It is a problem when to stop. I really wonder the answer. Cultures and backgrounds are totally different so people do different applications for life. Some never stops and pushes hard to reach a level. Some never pushes and just try to get joy. None is wrong, they just have different setup. But for me, i don't know which i belong. Sometimes i decide to rest but i get regret for it. I could do something and make progress. It seems like i can never rest. I have work, i have to earn. Whenever i stop i lose, i go back. When should i stop, until when should i live in a restless life. As i know, in future i will be regretful for all stupid things and wasted time during these years. And the problem is that i don't know what is right to do. If i manage to guarantee my future i will be happy to stop and rest. I know balance is must, stop is must, rest is must but the fear for regret in future is the biggest thing. Having a future in regret is terrible. I can not resolve this problem. I can not handle the result. Sorry. I need to work much harder than ever. I have to relief myself. I don't want to stay in a prison a have created. Sorry, i am not able to have fun. I lost it. Like memories, friends, hopes. I wasted. What happens when you lose all friends? Most have family as friend, but what if you are alone? It has destroyed my soul and logic. I am not same person anymore. Sorry.