Stoic-28 Watch the wise

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(Eng) Stoic-28 Watch the wise

It is summer time and they set the temperature very low. It is cold inside, but i have to stay a little more to code and write. In book's this section he touches a great point which i was thinking all night. Seneca says that without a ruler to do it against we can not draw a straight line. Thats totally right and matches with my concern. I think the problem most of us have is loss of mentor, the wise, the guide. In past families and reletives were more connected and i was possible to get guidance, feedback, mentorship from people we have. Now we last them. Personally i feel lack of it. This is why i have lost the path and come here. This is why i didn't see whats going on around. I have been wasted in many ways, i wish i had a mentor which will stand there and warn me about life and things coming up. The lack of wise people caused all. For a short time in my life i had my elder brother as a wiser person, as mentor. But after years, connection got weakened. He set his own family, got more responsiblities, more importantly i reached a point nobody feels in same way and understands. Being alone in journel is not something healthy, it will end up with mass in most cases. The people has their father, mother as friend are the most lucky people around. Nobody can create a greater connection with you. I don't know how it is but i think it is crutial for kids. As a observe people who has been lost, i think there was nobody around to keep them awake and on the right path.