Stoic-26 Back

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(Eng) Stoic-26 Back

I am back to my old computer from 2019. Lenovo t490s, a missed one. I back to typing, after 8 months. The touch, the feeling is so deep. I have always been touching this keys like they have magic that going to give right for expression, right for search of truth, and control the result. I am back, back in control again.

The lastest page i have read from book was saying that we need to have a mantra, a sacred utterance, a strong saying, sound, word which will awaken us and remind the situation when we are trouble. Aurellius was suggesting that saying about 'we are in control'. We decide what is going to enter and get effect in our mind, mood and life. We are in control, we are the one who will decide which input is going to shape our day and life.

By reading this part, i have remembered my old saying from last company. All friends were making jokes and showing respect to it. They liked so much, then copied my saying and started using in our meetings and discussions. When there is something out of control or any kind of problem with unexpected results, i was saying 'Life is life'. All anger, all rush, all people with problem were placing properly with their value in life. Most were outer.

He was coming to me and explaining a situation and asking my opinion or approach for solution. Then just before i say something he was going with 'You know what, life is life!'. I missed that man, one of rare, true friend. One of great fellow. (There is no 's', he is true friend, he is fellow. He is one.)

Life is life my friend, we are desparted and struggled a lot but you know we together did a lot. We will handle all, and meet. And we will say each other 'You know what, after all, life is life. Again!.Back!'.