Stoic-25 The only prize

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(Eng) Stoic-25 The only prize

The desire, the chase. They are huge problems which will cause us to be in a unstable, non-suffient situation. We need to control them. They have a prize, and it costs a lot. If we don't know what to care most, we spend life and sources for something wrong. Something will not generate a better life. If you always follow basic desires the prize of that will be your life. The people who are aware and have a free, self-sufficient life are good example. Like Warren Buffet, he still lives in his old home from 1950s, car is also similar. This is the bahaviour we want. Being aware of priorities and applying actions accordingly will give us freedom. The more we buy, the more we obtain, the less free we are. We needs to find the cores and value them. Not others which will just keep us away from path and goal.