Stoic-24 Learning Deep

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(Eng) Stoic-24 Learning Deep

As wellknown by all, one of the most important skills in life is learning. Everybody has a great access to all kind of knowledge. They learn everything and sell it. You can see it everyday and everywhere. It is okay, it is part of modern life. But i like not learning everything in some amount. I like to be master in my topics. I think this is more important for my life and progress. The path i follow needs deep understanding and deep knowledge. And Marcus Aurelius mentioned that point in a note. He says don't satisfy with rough understanding weak establishment. Poeple has a lot to say. Don't get agree too quickly, try to get roots and cores.The way of reading this book is an example to deep study. We read just one page, we give us a day to think about and we write about it everyday. This is the way to get it completely and truly.