Stoic-23 The money issue

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(Eng) Stoic-23 The money issue

Seneca was a reach man and say money is not solution. Self reflections and understanding needed, not money. He may be right but just up to some point. Too much money and some money may not differ for self realazation but no-money is really an issue and tough one. No money and too much money are extremely different and can shape whole life. So i can't say money is not solution. It solves lots of problems. Then self issues begins. In this point, Seneca can say it is not effective enough. Yes it is not. After some point, the important thing is what you have harvested from life for your soul,body and mind. And the currency of this path is time and labour not money. For sure, we need money. And we need a good amount of it to have some self esteem, courage, and sustainable life. Then we start to discuss the details with out collection of knowledge, experience, feelings and thoughts. We raise with two bases, if one is weak the result will be weak, even ugly.