Stoic-19 Adversity and Choise

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(Eng) Stoic-19 Adversity and Choise

As you already know most of people leave with adversity, with powerty, and struggles for a living. This is the background of most of us. We have lots of problems, issues, lack of essentials. But are living in luxury, power, and aboundance. Being in a condition like this and having hard times is part of this hard life. We can not change our history and background. So we can not complain. But we still have a right for our desicions. We can decide for our believe, act, knowledge and experience. We can experince the life as it is and move accordingly. We keep the the right and the power of decision maker of our life wiht us. After defining the path with a goal, working ahrd for it who cares the problems and history. We will do what we need to do and we will decide what to do. We have will. We will.