Stoic-16 Remember choices

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(Eng) Stoic-16 Remember choices

We usually forget that faith, life, nature and all others things has their own rthym. We don't have control over their flow and we get affected unconsciously. We can not control that effects on us and our life. They will decide for lot s of thing and they will shape the most of things. We have a very limited field which we can apply some rules and actions. It may not work but we have just some choices. We are off that. We have choices. This is almost everything we have. Don't forget that you have no control over most of things. But, we live and depend them. For instance, we sleep.To go sleep we trust the surrounding, nature and all others. We leave the control. It was always out of control but were always trusted. So, we control what we can and leave others. Remember you already trust a lot the life out of control. Don't worry for this part. Live your part, your choices.