Stoic-12 Control Circle

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(Eng) Stoic-12 Control Circle

The goal and the beginning were so clean. But i am getting far step by step. Consistancy is really hard in this life. As i learned very lately, there is no talent. It is consistent dense effort through something. Consistancy is the real essence of success and progress. But as you see it is really hard. I don't know how hard it is for other people. I think it is much more harder. This brings us to the topic. It was one week ago but i still remember. The circle, the control over the circle is not an option. Circle means the poeple, the environment, the body, the possesions all surrounding around our mind. Even the most closest one, the body is out of our control. We cannot control them. The thing we can control is how we think about them and what we care. When we care the circle and try to control or change it, we are going to mix and mess up with control circle. Mind is our single circle we can control, all other circles and related issues are our. We need mind the inner circle not all circles.