Stoic-11 Serenity

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(Eng) Stoic-11 Serenity

Until now, i didn't know the meaning of serenity. It is like calm, almost same. I think serenity is a little more than calm. It requires a calm mindset and mature phiolosophy. As you can see from date of this post i didn't read and write for 10 days. I was working so hard and coming home just for sleep. I continued for weekend even in a worse level. I couldn't sleep and couldn't think healthy. So it makes a deadloop and blocks me to go out of circle. This is so common. When you are out of circle, you discover that time has past and life is gone. It is to far and it is to late to catch it. So having unbrekable rules to return yourelf, to return your system and path is crutial. It is not just a piece, it is bundle. Each piece has a function and they work together. In my bundle there is walking, running, reading and exercise. Last week i did non of them and it was terrible. All bundle was lost and there was nothing to recover me and refresh the progress. My obsession for work and duty comes before everything and this is the root cause of this unbalanced, out of control situations. I have to stay calm and keep serenity with me in this kind of situations. Serenity will be reward if i manage. But serenity is also cause, the method for a proper approach. I should always keep in mind that question. Where is my serenity, where is my peace and where is my life? This will help to stay away from distructions. Life, people and company is so big and they will keep going in any condition. Don't force yourself to change them. They are out of control, even if you are inside, no your effect is almost nothing. Save your life. Do not waste for this kind of obsessions.