Stoic-10 To be in unsteady

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(Eng) Stoic-10 To be in unsteady

We said we need to have a stable brain and structure inside in last post. But now let's make one thing clear. We also need to jump in to the unsteady cases and situations. Old Stoics were all in playgorund, in field, in military, in marketplace. We also have to be in field and experience problems. There is no way to solve problems by running and hiding. The single way to get rid of problems is facing them. Not hiding, ignoring, rejecting. They discomfort us, they terrify us, they disturb us yes. We are trying to stay far and safe. But this is the nature of problems. They will cause issues forever if we don't solve. Even we don't like, even we don't have experience we need to be in uncomfortable, problematic situations to overcome them. At least we will get used to and in next time we will know the nature or the situation. By this adaptation, even we don't solve it we will be stable and steady in further experinces with same problem and situation. Then this calm nature will give us a better condition to get along with them. It will be more easy to be there longer and jump to solve. Don't hide and run from problems. Jump in and struggle, you will see how you adapt and tackle them. Or live with them if they are impossible to solve.