Hardworking Balance

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(Eng) Hardworking Balance

I couldn't write for a long time. There was no lead for pencils in stores. It is really hard to find the leads for pencils. I don't know what kind of education system they have. It can be so technological but handwriting is an important part of life and helps a lot. People without this habit are missing a lot. This is a topic for another time. I will write about it later. But I need to say this there are lots of things that are not working properly here. And it was always like this. In each city I have lived there was something not working, annoying, and worrying about the future. Staying in this kind of place is not good for mental health. Because uncertainty is the hardest thing for our brains to handle. We are not capable of staying healthy in uncertain situations. We have base needs like feeling secure and having hope for our futures.

I see that people from other nations and cultures have no doubt about their future or it just seems like this. They are not afraid of the problems they will face. The main reason for this relaxed and confident lifestyle should be great coverage and support from the government. Especially in Europe, it works like this.

But there is one more point that takes my attention. This is the attitude of people from South America, they are also relaxed without any warranty or support from the government. This is their nature. They know that life is not organized and doesn't need to reach a point. They are just living and enjoying life without great support and cover. They handle it somehow and this is their way of life.

Fuck, the ideas I have become vague. I don't know which is mine anymore. Who is placing these seeds in my brain? What kind of harvest do they aim for? This is a question of another topic. Now continue, please.

The idea I want to discuss is hardworking. Because of my nature or something else I don't know yet, I need security(this will refer to childhood, parents, and love issues according to Freud) in my life. I think most of us need secure lives on some level. But living relaxed, not caring much, and enjoying seems problematic in the long term. They may end up in terrible situations. And this may cause big regrets. I think the most important thing we need is hardworking and balance. These two seem opposite and exclude each other.

For now I have energy, power, time, and skills. And I know I will not have most of them in later life. So I need to use them. I need to use them much and densely to empower life and keep the balance of aging with living. I need to take of myself in all aspects. I don't have any insurance and no one will do it for me.

Some people say balance is shit you need hardworking. Just hardworking. Because they believe the things we mention as a part of balance keep us away from hardworking and they are part of comfort. We don't need to take care of balance, just work hard. I agree but at this point, there is an issue of sustainable hardworking and burnout. If we don't have a system we will have burnout.

I think we always need to work hard and push limits for progress and reach goals for the future. But this is a long journey and it can take years even decades. So it has to be sustainable and allow us to work hard, dens, and more. This is the moment we need to think about balance and implement it. Without balance, you will think you working hard and you will keep doing it. In the end, you may discover that it is too late to go back and add some flavor to that dish. But it will be too late, the dish is done, and you are gone. If I don't create a balance to get rid of burnout to progress more and more, I will get stuck full of regret.

So, some effort for balance is crucial. But we should not confuse it with comfort. They are not the same. For me, to stay away from burnout I need sports, reading, walking, and some social events. I can work 60 hours a week. But in the remaining time, I need to do these things to keep my body and mind healthy, to keep them working fine and helping me. I need to walk, run, play tennis, swim, read, and participate in social events. They are not a comfort zone, they are part of hardworking, part of the balance, part of life, and part of me. They are not social media, games, or series. Stay away from the couch and screen :)

I might be wrong, I will learn if this is a mistake. I need more mistakes.