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(Eng) Town

The town we will talk about is Halfeti. It is part of the city named Sanliurfa which is famous for being the source of religion in the world. In my country, we call this city the city of prophets. Because lots of prophets have been there during history, like Muse, Abraham, Elyasa, Adem, Ayub. And also a temple named Göbeklitepe dates back to 9500 BC.

During endless stream of time, the city managed to survive in mandatory of different countries. In this matter, the town Halfeti has a unique position in one respect. It has a castle in the middle of the river which were defining the border of the Eastern Roman Empire. When you see the picture of the castle you see how fairly reasonable to build it there. It is like the wall in the game of thrones. Because the river still defines the east in Turkey.

If you want to pass the west side you should pass across the river. Besides, according to the book Homo Sapiens, the River Euphrates defines the Fertile Crescent with another river named Tigris. The region around these two rivers was very productive and important during history so the agriculture, religion, and writing were sourced from Fertile Crescent. Nowadays, the situation is slightly different. Rivers are still very important but industries were not established there. Despite being so historic they don't have enough amenities.

In Halfeti people has a living just from agriculture. The discovery of the first temple of the world in Urfa started to attract tourists. Moreover, having a sub-merged town under the river makes the Halfeti attractive for tourists. Some parts are photogenic but it was a ghost town when I was a child. Nowadays, it is a lively town with sailing, canoe, and diving amenities. There are not many residents and no imposing buildings. Also, because of the narrow streets, I suggest that to leave your car on the main road and walk. Because it is a Cita Slow with a gentle rhythm and a self-contained environment.