English notes 3

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(Eng) English study about phrases


Braek down: to stop functioning Call off: to cancel Come accross: to find unexpectedly Look after: to take care of Bring up: to mention or introduce a topic Go on: to contunie Turn up: to arrive Give up: to stop trying Bring back: to return Hold on: to wait Take off: to remove clothing or to depart(airplane) Set up: to establish or arrange Get along: to have a good relationship Look for: to search for Put off: to postpone Turn down: to reject or decrease Give in: to surrender Get over: to recover from Look up: to search for information Turn on: to switch on Put up with: to tolerate Break in: to enter unlawfully Come up with: to propose or think of Go through: to experience or endure Catch up: to reach the same level Take after: to resemble proudly Show off: to display proudly Pass away: to die Point out: to indicate or mention Bring about: to cause Hold back: to restrain or withhold Break out: to start suddenly Carry on: to continue Turn off: to switch off Point out: to indicate or mention Bring about: to cause Check in: to register or arrive Fill out: to complete a form Run into: to encounter unexpectedly Take up: to begin a hobby or activity Turn into: to transform into Back up: to support or reverse